Analysis of Romeo and Juliet

In many Shakespearean plays written, there have been many different themes
suggested such as love, hate and death. Although these themes prove to be
significant, none could be possible without the presence of fate. Without fate, love and hate cannot possibly be achieved. The word fate has many different connotations. Fate may often include an inevitable and adverse outcome - destiny. The destinies of Romeo and Juliet represent a self-controlled response with too many coincidences present to make it an arbitrary action.

The first example of fate in the play transpires in Act 1 Scene 2. Romeo and
Benvolio discover there is going to be a banquet held at the Capulet Mansion that evening. Capulet's servant is given a list of guests invited. Capulet's servant asks two strangers for help in reading it. The servant calls upon Romeo and Benvolio to assist him. Many declare that the fact that the servant asks the two men is fate in itself, based on the fact that the servant asked Romeo and Benvolio out of all the people that he possibly could ask, but actually in this instance, the two men are controlling fate.
Romeo knows by going to the Capulet's estate he will be in great jeopardy due to the rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues. It is known that the party is only for those on the list and any Montague in attendance would be a vast disgrace to all Capulets. Although this fact is relevant to Romeo, he sees that the beloved Rosalind will be there and immediately insists upon attending the engagement.

Romeo has to make a very consequential decision. He can tempt the hands of fate and attend or he can make a wiser decision not to go. Nevertheless, Romeo places fate in his own hands and devises a plan with Benvolio to go to the Capulet mansion.
Some may argue that if R…

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