Relationship between the characters

Nick and Jordan Baker

Around a third of the way into the novel, Nick begins a romantic relationship with Jordan Baker, which is something he is advised to do by Daisy and Tom. Nick's relationship with Jordan is similar to his relationship with New York and the East coast. None of these relationships are based on love, but they all reflect Nick’s short-lived fascination of the lifestyle and the people of the East, which eventually subsides.

Nick and Gatsby

As Gatsby's neighbour, Nick is perfectly positioned to watch Gatsby's life unfold. After the pair forms a friendship, Nick seems to be closely involved in Gatsby's life. However, further on in the novel Nick takes pains to explain that the majority of his life had nothing to do with Gatsby and describes his life in New York in detail. Similarly, there are periods (such as when Gatsby and Daisy start having an affair) when Nick does not see Gatsby for several weeks. Their relationsh...

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