The Declaration of Independence

This study guide will help you to analyze the United States Declaration of Independence, one of the world's most famous documents. In addition to the analysis help, you can find a summary of the statement's content, as well as ideas for discussion and perspective.

Presentation of the Declaration of Independence
Title: The Declaration of Independence
Author: Thomas Jefferson and the Committee of Five
Genre: Declaration
Published: July 4, 1776
Context: The American Revolution

The Second Continental Congress was a gathering of political representatives from the then thirteen colonies that were formed during the American Independence War.

In 1776 the Congress selected a committee of five members to write an Declaration of Independence, which should explain the world why the American colonies were entitled to rebel against England.

The committee consisted of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingstone. However, the original draft of the document was written by Thomas Jefferson alone.

It is believed that the final version of the document had been edited by the other members of the committee, but it is not known for sure. Today, Thomas Jefferson is still considered as the primary author of the statement.

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The Declaration of Independence

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