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Mai jos, în pagina „Reflective essay | Exemple” îți prezentăm mai multe exemple de reflective essay în limba engleză, pe care le poți folosi ca și sursă de inspirație pentru a obține rezultate excelente. 


Here, you can read an extract from one of our examples:


Others find wisdom in the literary works of great masters, classical or modern alike. Whilst few of these works (if any) claim to be divinely inspired guides to living a good life, they offer a wide range of human models of thought and behavior, and by studying them, one can apply that wisdom to his or her own life. A special place in this category must be allotted to philosophy, whose general goal is to relate the individual to the world through knowledge. And you can’t go through these readings without acquiring a strong sense of irony (or self-irony). It might even be said that these works help one sharpen or even develop the ‘funny bone’, if it’s not already there.  


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