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Mai jos, în pagina „Reflective essay | Exemplu” îți prezentăm un exemplu de reflective essay în limba engleză, pe care îl poți folosi ca și sursă de inspirație pentru a obține rezultate excelente. 

Write a 450-word reflective essay starting from the following quote: "To thrive in life you need three bones: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone." (Reba McEntire) Consider the issue from at least three perspectives.

Two years ago my grandmother died. Her passing was deeply saddening, but it made me look back on the days of my childhood, when her presence radiated kindness and wisdom. And even though she is no more, I want to believe that some parts of her still live through me. Her words still echo in my mind. People always seem eager to give life advice, and one can only wonder at the general discontent with so much good advice floating around. 
Yet my grandmother was one of the few people ...

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