Mr Wickham

Outer characterisation

Mr Wickham is the villain of Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice, as his lies about being mistreated by Darcy complicate the plot. Furthermore, he runs away with Lydia without intending to marry her, which - according to the social norms of the ti…


Inner characterisation

His inner characterisation reveals that he often lies, gambles, and is motivated by money. For example, after gambling his inheritance away, he seduced Darcy’s sister Georgiana and tried to run away with her to benefit from her fortune (pp. 141-142). However, when he meets Elizabeth, he tells her a false story about how Darcy cheated him out his inheritance (p. 56). Furthermore, he criticises Darcy and portrays him as proud and arrogant:

‘It is wonderful,’—replied Wickham,—‘for almost all his actions may be traced to pride;—and pride has often been his best friend. It has connected him nearer with virtue than any other feeling.’ (p. 57)

The fact that Elizabeth is at first rather charmed by him suggests the he is charismatic: “Wha…

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