Conflict between generations

Puberty and adolescence 

The term puberty describes a period of about four years (10-14) during which physical changes transform a child's body into an adult's body enabling them to reproduce. Anne is a pubescent girl who admits in her diary to longing for her first period. She reflects on what happened on January 6, 1944: 

Yesterday I read an article on blushing by Sis Heyster. (…) What she basically says is that during puberty girls withdraw into themselves and begin thinking about the wondrous changes taking place in their bodies. (…) Whenever I get my period (and that’s only been three times), I have the feeling that in spite of all the pain, discomfort and mess, I’m carrying around a sweet secret. (39%).

The term adolescence refers to the long period of about ten years (10-20) between childhood an...

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