Kennedy’s "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech covers two main themes: showing US support for West Berlin and condemning Communism

US support and Communism

Parts of Kennedy’s speech are focused on highlighting US support for West Berlin. He talks about the US and about the support of Americans for the resilient Berliners, while also encouraging Berliners to look forward to a future where freedom prevails. Also, note that Kennedy’s support for West Berlin is shown through his praise for General Clay, the American administrator of occupied Germany after WWII. Clay arranged the Berlin airlift (1948-1949), where the Allied forces airdropped supplies to West Berlin after it was blockaded by the Soviets. Clay’s continued presence in Berlin demonstrates the US’s continued support.

Other parts of Kennedy’s speech are focused on condemning Communism. First, Kennedy invites supporters of Communism and world partners of Communists to come and put themselves in Berliners’ shoes. He suggests that peace and freedom cannot be assured unless Communism disappears from Germany. Kennedy also implies that Communi...

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