Gothic horror


Definition of gothic horror

Gothic horror is a particular type of horror literature which was especially popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Though there were many different gothic writers, the stories typically have some characteristics in common.

First of all, the stories often feature a dark and mysterious setting, which is typically described in detail to draw the reader into the strange universe of the story. Typical settings are ancient, gloomy castles full of dark corridors and secret passageways. In fact, this is how the genre got its name - gothic architecture is typical of medieval castles in Europe.

Secondly, the stories often rely on mixing the emotions of wonder and terror, making them pleasant to read despite the darkness they contain. For example, the setting might be described as strangely fascinating despite its dark elements, or there might be something oddly attractive – or even romantic - about the monstrous beings lurking in the shadows.  

Thirdly, the stories often feature supernatural elements, and things that turn out to be different from wha...

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