The gun debate in American politics

NRA's influence

Because the two main political parties in the US have opposing positions regarding gun control, the issue is also a highly political one.

Traditionally, the Republican Party supports gun rights while the Democratic Party is in favor of more gun control. Aside from this, there are also powerful lobby groups, such as the NRA, which often succeed in blocking initiatives to restrict gun ownership.

Since the 1990s, the NRA has come to be considered the most powerful lobby organization in the country. This is because the NRA s…


Barack Obama and tighter gun control

As a Democrat, President Barack Obama was openly in favor of tighter gun control in the US.  Following several mass shootings during his two terms in office, Obama often argued for the introduction of stricter gun laws.

In about 15 of his speeches, Obama urged Congress to pass various gun control laws. At the same time, he also issued a rule d…

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