Gun violence and gun laws in the US

In this guide, you can get help working with US weapons legislation, as well as mass shootings and school shootings. These topics are very popular not just for the English classes but for other courses as well: history, social sciences, media courses, marketing, but you can also meet them in regular education.

We focus on how to best involve the topics in major written assignments, and we provide you with ongoing advice on relevant texts that you may include in your work.

Because this guide is specifically designed for use in English, we have written most of the guide in English.

In the United States, civilian citizens have the right to carry weapons to a far greater extent than in most other countries in the western world. These rights are completely derived from the country's founding, where an early addition to the Constitution guaranteed the rights of individual citizens in this area.

However, in the 20th century, these rights have often been the subject of debate. This is especially true in the last decades where there has been a large increase in the number of mass shifts and school shelters in the American society.

In the wake of these tragedies, some groups have demanded stricter arms legislation, but other interest groups strongly oppose and still argue that the people are best protected if everyone has the right to carry weapons.

In the political world, the typical Democrats are fighting for stricter weapons legislation, while Republicans are usually the supporters of less strict legislation.

This difference, for example, meant that former Democratic President Barack Obama had a very difficult implementation of proposals for stricter arms legislation when Congress and House of Representatives were ruled by the Republicans for much of his government.

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Gun violence and gun laws in the US

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