Aici îți prezentăm mai multe proposals (propuneri) sau reports (rapoarte) în limba engleză, pe care le poți folosi ca și sursă de inspirație pentru a obține rezultate excelente. 

Proposal: Training programme for teachers

You represent a university looking to start an in-service training programme for teachers. Write a proposal outlining the priority areas in which most current teachers might need further training and your ideas for the programme.

Write your proposal in approximately 300 words.


As it is widely known, the quality of teaching is critical in delivering an overall quality of education. The aim of this proposal is to define the need for an in-service programme for teachers, as well as outline the priority areas in which most current teachers might need further training. 

Changes in learning habits, the widespread use of technology, and the expansion of diversity are the main causes that bring about the need for an in-service programme. This should be aimed at our teachers, with the purpose of helping them develop their skills and the quality of the interaction with the students.

Step 1

First and foremost, it is very important to identify and assess every teacher’s strong and weak points. This will help in establishing a pattern and will be useful in designing the most appropriate courses and workshops. 

Moreover, this will not be done outside the working hours, but rather decided by all participating teachers in order to suit their needs and avoid extra effort on their part. 

This trainings can be done bi-weekly, in order to ensure attendance and continuity, which will help teachers develop their skills and enhance their performance in the classroom. 

Step 2

Once the teaching patterns are established, emphasis will be put on designing courses and workshops that will:

  • increase the awareness of the teachers’ own behaviour, as well as their behaviour towards their students;
  • provide both students and teachers with alternatives within the classrooms, as well as using appropriate strategies, ensuring the involvement of students in problem-solving and critical thinking;
  • provide the teachers with the adequate access to resources and helping them develop more effective teaching methods;
  • help increase study groups and independent learning among the students;
  • help the teachers design their own suitable educational activities.


In-service training is a much needed programme that will help both our teachers and students to reach their full potential in terms of ed...

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