Descriptive essay: Great Expectations (final rescris)

„Descriptive essay: Great Expectations (final rescris)” în limba engleză conține un final diferit/rescris al romanului „Marile Speranțe” de Charles Dickens. Eseul a fost realizat de un elev de liceu și a fost notat de profesorii noștri cu o notă excelentă.

Descriptive essay: Great Expectations (final rescris)

Time passed quickly. Pip was thirty five years old and incapable of finding someone to replace Estella. Although she had hurt him so, he could not forget her. She was the love of his life, the only one who could make him happy or sad in an instant.  Pip’s friends had been trying to convince him that Estella was gone forever, that she was a cruel woman with no feelings at all. Pip listened to them but although his reason told him his friends were right, his heart refused to believe them.

One day, Pip decided to make one final visit to Satis House, hoping to find the answers he h...

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