Scrisoare în engleză despre o excursie


Dacă ai primit ca temă să scrii o scrisoare în engleză despre o excursie, liceunet este aici să te ajute. Având ca subiect o excursie la Sighișoara, această scrisoare în engleză este un model excelent de scrisoare non-formală adresată unui prieten, respectând cu strictețe așezarea în pagină și limbajul relaxat folosit între prieteni. 

345 Langley Street

Birmingham, United Kingdom


Hello, Justin!

I recently went on a trip to Sighisoara with a couple of friends in order to attend the Medieval Festival that is being held there every year. I felt as if I had entered a whole new world. Even without the festival, the town would still look as if it came straight from the dark ages, but in a good way.

The start of the trip didn’t go too well. In order to get from my town to Sighisoara, we had to exchange two trains. That wouldn’t have been a problem normally, but we had to wait 5 hours between the train rides in a village with an awfully ill-equipped train station. Good thing we packed food and beverages with us because the station had no store whatsoever.

To make matters worse, the train that was supposed to take us from there to Sighisoara was a barely functioning wreck. We should hav...

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