Letter of application

You have seen this announcement in an international magazine: 

We need people to live in a remote mountain area for one month with only each other for support. Their experiences will be filmed and shown as part of a television series called “Survival”. Have you got the necessary skills? Tell us why you should be accepted to take part in the project, in a letter addressed to Mr. Simmons. 

Write your letter of application using between 150 and 180 words. Sign it as Andreea/Andrei Popescu.

Dear Mr. Simmons, 

My name is Andreea Popescu, and I am writing you in response to your add regarding the television series called “Survival”. I am very interested in participating for several reasons. 

Firstly, I have gone on trips to the mountains ever since I was a child. I am the adventurous type, and I possess the basic survival skills. 

Secondly, as head of my school’s debate team,  I am highly competitive, and I like to win. I have a well-developed team spirit, but I am also used to working well on my own.

In addition, whereas I dislike it, I do not shy away from conflict. I prefer, however, to mediate conflicts, thus not allowing them to escalate. 

I would very much like to take part in this challen...

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