Letter: important experience when you were shopping in a department store

Write a formal letter of 150 - 180 words. You recently had an important experience when you were shopping in a department store. One of the assistants wrongly accused you of shoplifting. Although you were able to prove that you had paid for the item in question, you received no apology. Write a letter to the Manager of the shop. Use between 150-180 words.

Dear Mr. Smith, 

My name is Samantha Brown and I am writing you to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the appalling attitude of one of the employees at your store, and ask for the appropriate measures to be taken. 

Last Thursday I came into your store with the purpose of purchasing a new bathing suit and a pair of flip-flops, which I did. After paying for my purchase at the register, I was wrongfully accused of shoplifting. 

Despite showing the receipt to your employee, he rudely threw the contents of said bag and handbag on top of the cash register, putting me in a more than embarrassing position. 

Although your employee proved for himself that there was no such intent at shoplifting on my part, he kept a highly condescending attitude and refused to offer an apology for his actions, sending me on my way. 

I find this attitude high...

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