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Ai de scris un email despre o călătorie dar ești lipsit de inspirație? Liceunet îți vine în ajutor cu lucrarea Email about a trip. Fiind o descriere a unei vizite în New York, Email about a trip este o lucrare captivantă, menită să trezească interesul oricărei persoane care a auzit de marele oraș, sau chiar are în plan să-l viziteze. Lucrarea este adresată unui prieten, fiind folosit un limbaj familial cu adresări non-formale. 

Dear Michael,

I just came back from my trip and saw your email. I had a lot of fun in New York this past week and I would definitely go again if I ever get the chance. Ever since I was a child I dreamt of going to this city and now I can finally rest assured that I have achieved my dream. The city looks even more gorgeous than in videos and pictures.

During my time in New York, I visited Times Square, Central Park, the World Trade Centre Memorial, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and went to a Rammstein concert that was being held at the famous Madison Square Garden. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have the chance to visit more sights.

I liked Central Park the most, because it almost feels like a forest in...

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