Essay about music

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Essay about music

Essay about music este o lucrare care vizează muzica în viața de zi cu zi precum și mici detalii despre influențele muzicale de-a lungul anilor. Textul essay about music surprinde muzica, ca parte din viața de zi cu zi, și pune în discuție diferite genuri de muzică, caracterul matematic al procesului de creație, precum și conflicte de opinii apărute de-a lungul anilor. Essay about music este un text antrenant care ținteste să starnească curiozitatea cititorului fiind el elev sau profesor.

Fragment din text

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
What is the one thing that many people, if not all, cannot imagine life without? Personally, I think that would be music. Be it different genres of rock, electronic, classical, experimental or others, it's clear that music covers a wide variety of tastes. Like any other form of art, music expresses feelings, thoughts and ideas to which we can relate or interpret.

Also, just like other art forms, you can use a variety of instruments and methods to create it. An artist can create a simple beat just by tapping his fingers on a wooden desk, for instance. But music isn't just about simple beats, it is complex, some people would even call it mathematical. Just look at all the different notes written on the portative of classical tunes and you can get an idea of how precise the process of creating these masterpieces is.

In the past years, there have been debates among music lovers that real music can only come from instruments and voices, not from synthesizers, but if you were to look at the music sheet of a song produced by computers, you would realize that there is mathematical precision in there. Yes, there is a whole other charm listening to organic music... Cumpărați accesul pentru a citi mai mult

Essay about music

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