Essay about finding a job

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Essay about finding a job

Essay about finding a job este un eseu care adresează din mai multe perspective veșnica problemă a găsirii unui loc de muncă. Deși pare o activitate trivială, și vedem aproape zilnic anunțuri de angajare în jurul nostru, Essay about finding a job ne explică diferitele probleme cu acest proces aparent simplu. De la obținerea experienței, la salar și la satisfacția sufletească a unui loc de muncă, Essay about finding a job încearcă să acopere cât mai multe aspecte ale acestei teme, oferind un exemplu de nota 10 pentru orice elev care caută sa obțină o notă mare la următorul examen.

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Taking into consideration that high school is almost over, we must think about either going to university, finding a job or do both at the same time. I'm personally thinking about taking a gap year between finishing high school and enrolling into a university, partly because I want to see how it is to manage on my own. Although there aren't many work options available for high school graduates, I think that this experience ultimately helps you better understand life itself and how our society and economic system functions.

My parents always worked hard in order to ensure that I get whatever I want and that they will always satisfy my needs. Having a job means that I will be able to take care of myself from now on and that I may eventually repay my mom and dad for all the support that they have offered me throughout my life.

Seeing their child take care of himself will also make them proud, which will inevitably make me happy. We may have had a few arguments throughout the years, but I will never forget the fact that they stood by my side through good and bad, and there's nothing that would make me happier than making them proud and offering back the support that they gave me throughout the years... Cumpărați accesul pentru a citi mai mult

Essay about finding a job

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