Essay about a memorable moment

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Essay about a memorable moment

Essay about a memorable event este o lucrare care discută despre o experiență familiară pentru toți dar care la fiecare individ ia o formă diferită. Vorbim bineînțeles despre un moment memorabil, sau marcant, Essay about a memorable event prezentând un exemplu bine structurat și explicat, redactat pentru a încuraja cititorul să empatizeze cu scriitorul textului. Descarcă Essay about a memorable event pentru a avea o sursă de inspirație de nota 10, astfel încât și tu să-ti poți împărtăși experiențele memorabile, în așa fel încât acestea să-ți aducă o nota de 10.

Fragment din text

I think the most memorable event so far in my educational life has been the first day of high school. I felt so many things changed so radically in a single day. Sure, the first day of school, the first day of the first grade is also very memorable, but we are just simple children at that point, there aren't many things that change so much in our life at that time. But high school is where our slow transition into adulthood begins.

It was a cold, rainy, autumn day in September. The ceremony started early in the morning, all of us gathered in the high school yard to witness the principal's speech. He mainly addressed the first year students, who were new to this advanced form of an educational system. Although very similar to gymnasium, you could tell that some things were going to be different even from that first day. Getting ready for that day was a very long process. Ever since the end of summer was close, I was already thinking about how that day would go down. I don't remember having so many emotions and thoughts about the start of an academic year as I had on my first day of high school.

Even though, technically, I wasn't yet ready for high school life, I somehow knew that this was going to be a very different thing from what I was used to. I think we have all seen movies with or about teenagers before entering high school, and they might have possibly influenced us and gave us an idea about how it was going to be... Cumpărați accesul pentru a citi mai mult

Essay about a memorable moment

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