Email about holiday

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Email about holiday

Dacă tocmai te-ai întors din vacanță, iar tema la engleză este să scrii un email unui prieten despre ce ai făcut în această perioadă, Email about holiday este exact ceea ce îti trebuie. Fie că ai călătorit, fie că ai stat acasă, Email about holiday prezintă o vacanță ideală, începând cu festivitățile din ultimele zile de școală și a Crăciunului în familie, continuând cu miracolul trenurilor care nu întârzie și a artificiilor perfecte. Descarcă acum Email about holiday pentru a avea un model de nota 10, făcut să mulțumeasca până și cei mai exigenți profesori.

Fragment din text

Hello, Robert!

I just came back from my winter holiday and it was amazing. In the last days of school before the winter holiday, we had a Christmas festivity. Me and all my classmates participated in a small game called “Secret Santa” where we each wrote our name on a piece of paper, put it in a box and then everyone picked out a piece so that they would know who they have to give gifts to.

The whole idea of this game is to encourage compassion and give to anyone, no matter how much you communicate with them. It was a lot of fun. I received a wallet with the AC/DC band's logo printed on it from my classmate, Radu. I had to give a gift to another classmate, Roxana, and since she likes Reggae music, I gave her a Bob Marley t-shirt. It was a lot of fun, and we all enjoyed giving and receiving presents.

After that, the holiday began immediately. I went with my parents to my grandmother's house and spent Christmas there. We invited carol singers into our home and found joy in the little things that life has to offer. We had the traditional Christmas meal together and told stories about what we have done this past year and what we want to do in the following one... Cumpărați accesul pentru a citi mai mult

Email about holiday

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