Putting Brexit into perspective

Ways Brexit might affect other EU countries

The UK leaving the EU will not only have effects on the UK, but also on other EU countries.

For example, there are several EU countries who are major trading partners with the UK and who could suffer economic consequences. According to a study, the countries that have strongest economic ties with the UK are Belgium, Netherla…


US views on the EU and Brexit

The UK has traditionally been the gateway to Europe for American business. Brexit will probably lead to a decrease in American investments in the UK, as US businesses will try to find other ways to access the EU market. However, this also depends on what kind of trade agreements the UK might be able to secure with the US following Brexit.

Views on the EU and Brexit since the referendum and up to now have been divided in America.

When the referendum was being organised, the US President Barack Obama clearly stated during a trip to London in Apri…


Other countries which have considered leaving the EU

In the history of the EU, there have been no joining members that left the union until the UK. However there have been some territories of member states that did leave the EU once they gained independence or autonomy. 

For example, as a French territory Algeria was part of the European Economic Community from 1957 to 1962. However, when it became an independen…

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