Barack Obama's 2008 Victory Speech

This study guide will help you analyze Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech. We will show you examples of elements in the text that will be relevant for your analysis. We will also give you a summary of the speech, as well as inspiration for discussing it and putting it into perspective. 

Presentation of the speech

Title: “Barack Obama’s 2008 Victory Speech”
Speaker: Barack Obama
Where: Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois. 
When: 4th of November, 2008, when Barack Obama had just won the presidential election for the first time. 

Barack Obama (b. 1961) was the 44th US President and has also served as a senator. When he delivered this speech, he had just won the US presidential elections for the first time. Obama was the first African-American to serve in this office.

You can watch the speech here.

Barack Obama's 2008 Victory Speech

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