Subiectul I

You will hear a man and a woman talking about her job in the aviation industry. For questions 1 – 4 choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

1. What did the woman write for her company?

A. letters
B. memos
C. reports
D. contracts

2. What is leasing a plane similar to?

A. building a house
B. renting a car
C. taking a trip
D. sailing a boat

3. When do companies lease planes?

A. When their planes are being repaired.
B. When their planes are new.
C. When they want to save money.
D. When they want to increase profit.

4. What can you get with a wet lease?

A. two planes
B. a spare engine
C. a full crew
D. two pilots



Subiectul II

You will hear an interview with Hillary Clinton, about her book, after losing the 2016 presidential election. For questions 5 – 10, choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

5. At the very beginning of the interview, we learn that

A. the Clintons bought a house in Washington.
B. Hillary Clinton had many supporters.
C. the Clintons had many friends.
D. Hillary Clinton was very optimistic about her chances of winning.

6. After losing the elections, Hillary Clinton

A. regrets the time spent at home doing chores.
B. appreciates her family more.
C. admits it’s not what she wanted.
D. is preparing to take revenge.

7. In her book, “What Happened”, Hillary Clinton

A. does not put the blame on anybody for losing the elections.
B. admits she is responsible for not connecting with voters.
C. analyses mainly her political career.
D. reveals the identity of those who betrayed her.

8. Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton understood people’s feelings, in her political message,

A. she did not mention them.
B. she blamed them.
C. she advised them.
D. she did not react more emotionally.

9. When referring to the fact that the majority of the Americans did not trust her, Hillary states that

A. she was not aware of that.
B. she did try to win their trust.
C. she was advised to ignore them.
D. her campaign advisers could not find solutions.

10. What reason does she give ...

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