Subiectul I

You will hear two people talking about their morning routine. For questions 1 – 4 choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

1. How many dogs do they have?

A. one

B. two

C. three

D. four


2. What do they usually have in the morning?

A. coffee and a boiled egg

B. a boiled egg and cereal

C. tea and toast

D. toast and jam


3. On which day is their morning routine different?

A. Monday

B. Friday

C. Saturday

D. Sunday


4. When do they start work?

A. 7 o’clock

B. 8 o’clock

C. 9 o’clock

D. 10 o’clock






Subiectul al II-lea

You will hear a radio report on Iraly Yanez, a disabled Venezuelan, who reaches new heights through dance. For questions 5 – 10, choose the best answer (A, B, C or D).

5. What is Iraly Yanez’s goal?

A. to raise people’s awareness about disabled people

B. to attend dance classes

C. to help other disabled people start dancing

D. to become a professional dancer


6. Where did she recently perform?

A. in a famous theatre

B. in a trendy night club

C. in a busy shopping mall

D. in a street parade


7. During the show, disabled performers danced with fully-abled dancers in order to show that

A. we can do anything we want.

B. people should push their limits.

C. disabled people can dance.

D. there are no limits to art.


8. What has the director of AM Danza learned from disabled dancers?

A. Body expression is limited.

B. Body expression is boundless.

C. Body expression is a form of art.

D. Body expression can be taught.


9. Why is it hard for disabled people to get around in Venezuela?

A. There are too few cars.

B. There are too many obstacles on sidewalks.

C. There are not enough ramps on the pavement.

D. All of the above.


10. What does Yanez say about the dance company?

A. She will continue to be part...

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