Why are the British unique?

Acesta este un model de eseu argumentativ despre British People and Why They Are Unique. Această lucrare explică ce este ceea ce îi face unici pe britanici față de cetățeni din alte țări.

Argumentative essay: Why are the British unique?

Each country is unique in their own way. Each has its beautiful parts and its bad parts, just like a person who has qualities and flaws.

England is a country which, throughout history, has tried to break out of anonymity and differentiate itself from other countries. What makes British people so unique? The key can be found in their way of thinking.

First of all, the British are considered superior, and in many areas they really are.  The English are confident that the best things in life have their origins in England or have been developed there. Their patriotic spirit is very developed, but there is also some exaggeration. To understand better, this is what a British person said: “To be born English is to win the Grand Prize in the lottery of life." These words reveal an unparalleled pride, which makes them unique in a way.

Secondly, the British proved to be unique in terms of driving rules. England is the only country in Europe where people drive on the right side of the street, not on the right.  Although we don'...

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