Essay about trauma

Trauma comes in many forms. You’re probably aware of the PTSD that soldiers suffer after a war, or that car accident victims suffer after that tragic event. However, as far as I can tell, the most common type of trauma is childhood trauma.

Unfortunately, this problem is more persistent than the naked eye can perceive. It seems that many people suffer from one form of trauma or another, and it’s not immediately obvious even if you get to know them better. The underlying effects of trauma can be devastating, with many cases leading to self-harm or even suicide.

However, long before these tragic happenings can occur, trauma impairs a person in multiple ways. As stated earlier, not all of them are obvious, and many are downright hard to detect even if you’ve known the said person for years and years. But is there a way to prevent these symptoms before they can manifest? Probably. Let’s look at a couple of the facts.

People with trauma often suffer from anxiety. It’s hard for them to have healthy social interactions due to the simple fact that they feel haunted by their past. And, depending on the specific trauma, they might feel inferior to others or they might feel a fa...

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