People are often affected by their success and fame

Lucrarea reprezintă un eseu argumentativ (argumentative essay) în limba engleză despre succes (success) și faimă (fame). În cadrul eseului se discută cum acestea pot influența oamenii (people) în orice arie sau perioadă a vieții lor.

Argumentative essay: People are often affected by their success and fame

Success has a big influence on our life, because it offers us happiness and self-confidence. Success and fame go hand in hand with one another and they totally influence people’s fate.

If a person becomes successful his/her dreams change and the views towards life are different as before. The ambitions get another color and aspect. Sometimes people are wrong towards life itself because the vanity tangles the right way of living.

The taste of fame and success grows each day and the person admits that there is a long way to achieve the top. People devote more time on succeeding their aims, they forget about their own life. If in past they wished to have simple things that were valuable now they don’t appreciate them. They want everybody should appreciate them and their fame.

While running after success people very frequently forget about true feelings, close people and devotion. The huma...

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