Criticism of the War on Terror


The War on Terror in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US has often been criticized by various countries, organizations, political analysts, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

The main aspects that fell under scrutiny were related to ethical issues, inefficiency, and waste of economic resources. The name of the campaign itself was criticized because many have argued that one cannot wage war against a concept.

Many have argued that the 9/11 events were exploited to pursue other long-term military and strategic objectives as well as to limit civil liberties and human rights.

Civilian casualties and drone strikes

The total number of civilians who have died in different countries where the US carried out military campaigns against terrorist groups is hard to estimate. Some of the available data suggests that over 1 million people died in Iraq, almost 250,000 people died in Afghanistan, and thousands of people died in other countries.

Such high numbers of causalities are a reason for moral concern, especially since many of the casualties were ordinary civilians (rather than active terrorists or militants) and were caused by drone strikes.

The first drone strike was ordered in Afghanistan in 200...

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