Other characters


Winston’s mother

Though Winston’s mother is not directly present in the story, she plays an indirect role when Winston thinks about her or dreams about her. Winston’s memories of her lack structure, but she seems to have been a kind and loving mother, dedicated to her children’s well-being.

We learn that she was ‘removed’ by…



Katharine is Winston’s wife. They have separated because they were not able to have children (the main purpose of marriage in Oceania), but are still legally married.

Katharine never appears directly in the story, but Winston sometimes thinks about her - always in very negative terms:

[...] she had wi…


Mr. Parsons

Mr. Parsons is one of Winston’s colleagues at the Ministry of Truth, described as “a fattish but active man of paralysing stupidity” (p. 24), who is always followed by “an overpowering smell of sweat” (p. 24).

To Winston, Mr.…


Mr. Charrington

Mr. Charrington is the owner of the junk shop where Winston purchased his diary - and where Winston and Julia later rent a room where they believe they can be safe. When he is first introduced, we get a detailed view of his outer characterisation:

He was a man of perhaps sixty, frail and bowed, with a long, benevolent nose, and mild eyes distorted by thick spectacles. His hair w…

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